Coe's Dilemma: Does This Bribery And Corruption Make Me Look Complicit?

Back in July, when in Sebastian Coe’s telling he was as pure and innocent as a spring lamb in the #2 spot at the International Association of Athletics Federations, he was in fact mulling over whether “we” in the West (meaning the US and Europe, maybe Canada, but definitely not Mexico) were being too hasty in our… »Tuesday 7:00am11/24/15 7:00am


This Guy Walked Around The World With $6,000 And A Violin, And Only Had His Nuts Grabbed Once

As I understand it, a Bulgarian farm worker grabbed Andrew Siess’s nuts with his left hand while holding a gun in his right hand. He wasn’t pointing the gun at Siess, mind you, just holding it. Siess pushed him away, but the Bulgarian guy—speaking the international language of aggression—again grabbed the low-hanging… »11/18/15 4:30pm11/18/15 4:30pm

WADA Report: Drug Testing Works, But Bribery Works Better

The corruption at the top of track and field and the institutionalized doping miasma makes me tired. It’s supposed to. If it is ugly and confusing enough, lousy with unintelligible acronyms, most observers will just say, The hell with it, they’re all juiced to the gills, and most athletes will say, I’ve got a tempo… »11/12/15 12:15pm11/12/15 12:15pm

Bond On The Run: A Close Look At Daniel Craig's Form

Spectre is dropping soon at a theatre near you, so it’s time to talk about Bond, James Bond. Since I don’t know good sprint form from a Moonraker, I brought in special agent Phoebe Wright for this assignment. An 800-meter professional, Wright has acted in some excellent chase scenes herself, knows what various body… »11/07/15 5:15pm11/07/15 5:15pm

One Mystery And Four Other Good Stories From The New York City Marathon

Gosh, it was fun to see a woman with some healthiness about her and FIEN—who is FIEN?—printed on her bib, out front just killing it in Sunday’s New York City Marathon. And wasn’t it a marvel to watch that cheetah Wilson Kipsang loping along at 5:05 or so per mile, easy as cracking a cold one?
»11/05/15 4:30pm11/05/15 4:30pm

Innocent Is Independent: The Story of A Cross Country Runner

In only his second season of cross country, 18-year-old Innocent Murwanashyaka (above, middle, with some of his teammates) is so far this year undefeated. He won the St. Paul City Conference meet, covering the 5K course in 15:56, and is ranked fourth in Minnesota going into the state championship. I knew he’d only… »10/25/15 11:05am10/25/15 11:05am

Steve Jones Raw: Starting And Finishing A Marathon Doesn't Make You A Marathoner

Every year around Chicago Marathon time, mid-October, people want to talk to Steve Jones. He’s enjoyable at other times of year but, like pumpkin spice dark chocolate toffee curry simmer sauce, seems to sell well seasonally. It could be because in two successive autumns—1984, when he set the world marathon record, and… »10/14/15 6:40pm10/14/15 6:40pm

Seven Habits Of Highly Awesome Middle School Runners

We’re trotting along, arms uptight and locked, kneecaps clanking, when one of the sixth-grade harriers pulled up short. In this group, sudden cessation of movement indicates either a haphazardly attached body part has fallen off, or the stalled vehicle has decided he hates cross country and is dropping out of the… »10/02/15 11:00am10/02/15 11:00am

There Are Officially No More Excuses For Not Running A Personal-Best Marathon

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge proved in Sunday’s Berlin Marathon that he is the classiest human to ever lay down 26.2 miles at an average of 4:44 per. About 10 miles into the race, the insoles of his custom Nike racing flats slipped out halfway and stayed there for the remaining 16 miles, flapping like tongues. Distracting? A… »9/29/15 10:15am9/29/15 10:15am

Why Running Is A Huge Challenge For Somali Women

In June of 2013, Fadumo ran a half-marathon. Despite warm temperatures, she ran in a head scarf, long-sleeve shirt, pants and a knee-length skirt over the pants. Fadumo is Somali, and like 99 percent of Somalis, she is Muslim. She effused about how fit and healthy she felt, how proud for making it the whole 13.1… »8/18/15 11:15am8/18/15 11:15am

Nike Global Director Of Athletics Threatens To Kill A Brooks Coach

Read this LetsRun article about Nike global director of athletics John Capriotti, red-faced and trailing a retinue of Nike lackeys, threatening to kill Brooks coach Danny Mackey for unknown reasons, and toss lightly with this episode of Alberto Salazar, red-faced and trailing a retinue of Nike lackeys, and you get a… »8/13/15 6:32pm8/13/15 6:32pm

Nick Symmonds Left Off Worlds Team For Not Signing Himself Over To Nike

Two-time 800-meter Olympian Nick Symmonds qualified for the 2015 World Championships team by winning the U.S. Championship in June, but he’s off the team. Symmonds refused to sign the USA Track & Field contract requiring Team USA members to wear only Nike-branded gear at all “official” (and the quotation marks are… »8/10/15 2:30pm8/10/15 2:30pm